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Track: Dance With Me
Artist: Ra Ra Riot
Album: Beta Love
Plays: 21,055


Ra Ra Riot - Dance With Me

· music ·
❝ Transform and twerk out. ❞

- Aftimus Prime, the secret fourteenth Prime (Skype shenanigans)

What (in your glorious opinion) is the best way to interface?


Unhindered, unmuffled, and with someone who makes you laugh.

Track: Wake Up Alone
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Back to Black
Plays: 1,250


wake up alone (acoustic version) // amy winehouse

if i was my heart
i’d rather be restless
the second i stop the sleep catches up and i’m breathless

· music ·
Track: The Sadness Will Never End
Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
Album: Suicide Season
Plays: 696


the sadness will never end// bring me the horizon

i won’t give up on you
these scars won’t tear us apart
so don’t give up on me
it’s not too late for us

· music ·
Track: There Goes Our Love Again
Artist: White Lies
Album: Big TV
Plays: 712


there goes our love again // white lies

that’s burning at the back of my mind
'cause i'm broken and blind
and holding up the jar of desire
there goes our love again

· music ·
/look at your face/

16. Tackling them

· FaceMeme · :| · slendermech ·
Look at your face~

39. Running a high fever

"Look at your face!"

35. Hallucinating 

(meme) "Look at your face!"

55. Jumping out from behind a corner and scaring them

"Look at your face!"

9. asking them on a date

Send me “Look at your face!” and I’ll post a reaction image for my character reacting to yours…


Prompts range from fluff to angst to violence to nsfw!
Some trigger warnings may apply. 


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